2021 Photo Competition

Date posted: 21-Jan-2021

2021 Photo Competition Now Open It is that time of year again when we are look..

Primary School Science Conservation 2020 Award

Date posted: 18-Dec-2020

Dylan Lewis Y7 from Mahurangi College, Warkworth, being presented with the ..

Supporters of Tiritiri Inc and Fullers 360 Science Conservation 2020 Award

Date posted: 18-Dec-2020

The NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair winner of the Supporters of Tiritiri ..

2020 Conservation Week

Date posted: 12-Aug-2020

Meet the Takahē on Tiritiri Matangi Island When: 1:30 pm, ..

AGM 2020

Date posted: 25-Jul-2020

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE TO WEDNESDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2020 due to Covid restrictions at t..

Ferry Resuming July 4th!

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The 2020 Photo Competition Winners

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Celebrate the Takahe Art Competition

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COVID-19 Important Information

Date posted: 25-Mar-2020

The government has announced that New Zealand is now at alert level 2 for COVID-19. Th..

2019 Winner Primary School Supporters of Tiritiri and Fullers 360 Science Award is Ethan Raymond

Date posted: 11-Mar-2020

Ethan has helped the Enviro-Warriors in many ways such as planning, gard..


From time to time the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi produce or commission reports on aspects of the Island's ecology and on other issues that affect the management of the Island. 

Some of these are the result of obligatory surveys carried out to gauge the success of translocations; some are the results of research recommended in the Tiritiri Matangi Island Biodiversity Plan 2013; some are the product of long-term monitoring projects. Independent researchers whose work on the Island is supported by SoTM also report on the results of their work.

There are also copies of reports presented at our Annual General Meetings.

Whatever their origins, these documents add up to a comprehensive body of information which forms a basis for management of the Island, which can be useful to researchers wishing to conduct fieldwork there, and which might be of interest to members of the public wishing to know more about Tiritiri Matangi.

The reports can be accessed by clicking on the titles listed below.

If you wish to quote from or cite any of these reports, please use the suggested citation indicated in each one.


Hihi Report 2015

Hihi Report 2016

Hihi Report 2017

Hihi Report 2018

Kokako Report 2013-14

Kokako Report 2014-15

Kokako Report 2015-16

Kokako Report 2016-17

Kokako Report 2017-18

Red-crowned Kakariki Study 2014-15

Red-crowned kakariki Nest Study 2018

Red-crowned kakariki Nest Box 2019-2020

Ruru nesting study 2016-17 (5 MB)

Ruru nesting study 2017-18

Ruru nesting study 2019-20

Ruru call survey 2016

Ruru call survey 2017

Ruru call survey 2018

Penguin nesting 2020

Seabird survey 2015-16

Seabird survey 2016-17

Seabird survey 2017-18

Seabird survey 2019-20

Transect survey 2016

Transect survey 2017

Transect survey 2018

Transect survey 2020


Skink Survey Summary Report 2011

Skink Survey Summary Report 2012

Skink Survey Summary Report 2013

Raukawa gecko survey 2015

Skink Survey Summary Report 2015

10-year Tuatara Survey Report 2015

General ecology

Freshwater Ecosystems on Tiritiri Matangi, 2015

Freshwater Invertebrates on Tiritiri Matangi, 2016

Pohutukawa Project counts 2016-17

Pohutukawa Project counts 2017-18

Island conservation by Joshua Powell, 2017 (an external study)

General Administration and AGM reports

2020 AGM - Chairperson's Report 

2020 AGM - Finance Report 

2020 AGM - Draft Minutes